CANNAE is a military maneuver utilized by a smaller army against a superior advancing foe.  In battle, the smaller army faces off with the larger, by allowing the larger army’s forces in the center to advance more rapidly than those on either flank by executing a tactical retreat, enabling the smaller more agile force to focus its strength to execute a double pincer movement by attacking both flanks.  When properly executed, a much smaller force can surround and overwhelm a superior advancing force.

The maneuver gets its name from The Battle of Cannae, which took place at Cannae Italy, during the Second Punic War in 216 BC.  Carthaginian General Hannibal used the maneuver to defeat a Roman force that was estimated to be twice the size.  Hannibal’s much smaller force was able to utilize speed and agility in combination with superior strategy to crush the better-supplied and numerically superior Roman forces. 

At Cannae Policy we believe that Washington can work for everyone regardless of their issue or size of their bank account.  The key to winning is a building the right team with the right strategy.  Cannae was designed to be an integral part of your team as we bring the experience, the relationships and strong understanding of Government required for success in today’s quickly changing political environments.

What makes Cannae Policy Group so effective is our team’s ability to devise superior strategy, marshal political support and then tactically deploy it to give our clients the winning edge.

Destruction of the Roman army (red) by Hannibal's forces (blue) at the Battle of Cannae during the Second Punic War, 216 BC. 
Source: The Department of History, United States Military Academy