When Congressmen Allen Boyd, Mike Arcuri and Tim Mahoney got together to discuss starting a government affairs firm, their conversation focused on the ideals that led them to public office and their goals when they first came to Washington.  Their years in Congress taught them that Washington lacked a public policy company run by former elected officials that would only take on clients whose issues they believed in and was committed to deliver tangible results to their clients.  They knew from personal experience that success in Washington is built on trust and trust comes from conviction, commitment and aligning interests.

Today’s most successful companies recognize the importance Washington plays in their business.  They realize that failure to participate in the legislative and regulatory process can lead to unintended consequences that can damage their business and that fixing a problem is a lot more costly than getting it right the first time.  They see that selling their companies’ products to the federal government is not only profitable but an excellent hedge in turbulent economic times.  With billions in federal grant money for innovation infrastructure development, Washington is also an ideal partner for non-dilutive development funding. 

As members of Congress, it was their job to enact legislation that help grow their local economies and provide oversight to make sure government regulations didn’t hurt local industry.  They facilitated business development by introducing business to government opportunity and then helping companies finding non-dilutive public financing to support innovation and infrastructure development.