If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there
— Lewis Carroll

That advice by the Cheshire Cat to Alice in Wonderland aptly describes how we feel about most lobbying “work” in Washington, DC.

Why direction is important.

Cannae Policy is a results directed team. First, we define for our clients where “there” is. Direction, and a measurable plan with milestones, is the only rational way to get the results you seek.

How do we do that?

What does a bipartisan lobbying firm mean? For Cannae Policy, it means that the firm was founded by, and comprised largely of former Members of Congress who are “Blue Dog” Democrats. Every working legislative day our partners spent in Congress was devoted to centrist, results oriented policies that required reaching across the aisle. Every member of our firm was carefully recruited, because they have decades-long relationships with Members and staffs in both parties.

What is real access?

We are not talking about former Hill staffers, who talk with current staff. Our team has built decades-long relationships with every A committee and subcommittee Chairman in the 116th Congress. Cannae Policy is not interested in just helping our clients “get a meeting”; we know it is about reaching the decision-makers to get results. Remember Alice and the “direction” advice.

What is our client focus?

We will never take a client if we cannot envision and articulate a positive business outcome for them. Our team is driven to reach our client’s goals, and not just secure a recurring monthly retainer.

Cannae Policy offers two key attributes to our clients: Focus and Relationships. We define the mission and challenges with you, and we get you in front of decision-makers to make your case.